World Art Day

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Art illuminates the path to peace

Art will save the world, not war

War kills, art creates

Art will win, not war

Long live art, long live World Art Day

We want a World Art Day without war

No to war, yes to art

Let art shape the world, not war

Leonardo celebrates World Art Day, while we celebrate his birthday

Art is a manifestation of our own self through its aesthetic ideas and emotions in mind manifested on a canvas through shapes and colours. In these dire times, when the world is fighting a war to safeguard health, battles with economy and social conflicts creates equal burden. The situation of war in the world has created physical and mental trauma amongst people. In this time of crisis, when the world is suffering from economic and psychological trauma, art has become a primary source of solace. 

World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts which was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) in order to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide. The World Art Day celebrated on April 15 th unites the whole world in a joyous festival dedicated to art. On the birth anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci, the International Association of Art (AIAP/IAA), official partner of UNESCO in India, observes World Art Day to promote international collaboration through art. 

On the occasion of the World Art Day, we are also celebrating’ Azadi ka Amrit Mahaotsav’, the 75 th year of Indian Independence and the 150th birth anniversary of Sree Abanindranath Tagore. The image of the Bharat Mata created by Sree Abanindranath Tagore had inspired the movement of freedom struggle. Honouring the movement of independence, IAA India has decided upon the theme of “Bande Bharat”(Showing adoration to our motherland) for the commemoration of World Art Day 2022. IAA India, official partner of UNESCO has decided to organize a National Art Contest which will be held online for all artists across Pan-India to celebrate the event of World Art Day.


  • ◉ Participation in the contest will have no age restriction. Interested artists from all age groups will be able to take part.
  • ◉ Subject-“Bande Bharat”(Showing adoration to our motherland)
  • ◉ The contest will be open for the public from the 1 st April, 2022 with a minimal registration fees of rupees seventy-five.The details of the account is…….

    A screenshot of the payment along with artwork should be sent at the
  • ◉ Candidates have to mention their Details during the submission of Google Form for participation in NATIONAL ART CONTEST 2022
  • ◉ The size of the painting has to be minimum A4. The link will be provided for the submission of paintings over mail.
  • ◉ Painting should be submitted at the
  • ◉ Any Colour and medium can be used
  • ◉ All selected participants will receive an e-certificate. The winners will be presented with World Art Day t-shirts and mementoes by their state Committee.

The objective of this program is to develop and promote the aesthetic sense towards art and its expression among the masses. We also aim to provide respite to the people of the world suffering from varied traumas. IAA India, UNESCO official partner, is organising this event with the aim of giving an opportunity to everyone to express their inner worlds through the medium of art. The organization aims to build a systematic form of education for children and adults on the subject of art and culture. We work to bring all artists and art enthusiasts under a unified body which will provide them a platform to showcase their talents. Our motive is provide support and relief to all underprivileged and marginalized artists who have suffered through the economic and social crisis.

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World Art Day

The World Art Day is the day that unites the whole world in one big festival dedicated to art. April 15th is Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday and in this day Celebrating art throughout the world in one day will greatly help the spread of consciousness and knowledge of art.

World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts, which was declared by the International Association of Art (AIAP/IAA), a partner of UNESCO, to promotes international collaboration through art. In honor of this worldwide celebration, AIAP/IAA INDIA, the INDIA National Committee of the IAA will host projects in the form of gallery exhibitions, artist talks, pop-ups, installations, and performances in schools, institutions, as well as private and public spaces throughout the country.


Participating in the World Art Day is free and is simple. Any event or space open to the public on April 15th can join the WORLD ART DAY.
Download our logo and insert it in the communication of your event and display it in the location. Send us the poster of the event that will be included in the communication of the WORLD ART DAY.

for info and communications write to:

Why a World Art Day?

During its General Assembly held in Guadalajara, Mexico, in April 2001, IAA/AIAP launched the 'World Art Day', the first celebration of which being relayed in 11 countries by the National Committees one year later.Fitting with the philosophy of IAA/AIAP since its creation, this 'World Art Day' was proposed to underline the artists and the artistic creation’s major role in the evolution of the societies, visual arts being considered like one of the deepest expressions of humanity. This 'World Art Day' brings closer the visual arts and the society through a dialogue with the public. Watch this movie to get an impression of 'World Art Day'.
Click here to read the Declaration of Guadalajara. Please find more information on the World Art Day-website and Facebook.



AIAP/IAA INDIA has officially launched our membership programme aimed at supporting visual artists living and working in the India. Furthermore, we aim to form several chapters nationwide, and are actively seeking partners and sponsors to help bring the mission of AIAP/IAA to India with the aim to focus on bringing maximum artist to the forefront.


AIAP/IAA INDIA has developed a national membership programme which is now available to visual artists living and working in the India. Join the AIAP/IAA INDIA and become part of an extraordinary community of national and international artists!
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AIAP/IAA INDIA is actively seeking cultural such as museums, schools, arts organizations, as well as government and cultural entities to co-create our vision of national collaboration through art.
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Indias' rich and diverse artistic talent has much to contribute to World Art Day celebrations worldwide. By supporting AIAP/IAA INDIA, sponsors not only help secure Indias' continued membership in the International Association of Art.
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